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Rutland’s leading provider of comprehensive fitness, nutrition & lifestyle education committed to personalized, results-based fitness through semi-private, group and 1 on 1 training.

Body Essentials Personal
Training & Wellness

Empowers and energizes women to live their best life through semi-private, one-on-one and group fitness programs, nutrition education and lifestyle accountability. Our members love the structure and support they receive with our comprehensive programming model that helps them create a well-balanced life style despite their demanding daily schedules.

Body Essentials Personal Training & Wellness
Body Essentials Personal Training & Wellness - Personal Training

Personal Training

At Body Essentials Personal Training & Wellness, we take personal training seriously. Whether you’re new to exercise, getting restarted, or looking to kick your current routine up a notch, we offer a variety of sessions and class times to meet you where you are and help you accomplish your goals.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training is our most popular option. It’s a great way to get fit through individualized programs. Sessions are high-energy, small group workouts that include individual modifications prescribed by an experienced coach dedicated to the success of each group member. All of our programs include on-going assessments, as well as nutrition and lifestyle coaching that delivers a comprehensive, results-based approach.

Body Essentials Personal Training & Wellness - Semi-Private Training
Body Essentials Personal Training & Wellness - Large Group Fitness

Group Fitness

For those seeking flexibility and variability in a workout schedule our group fitness program provides a well-balanced mix of strength, cardiovascular, movement and flexibility workouts for all levels of fitness.

Hesitant and nervous, I walked in to my first workout. From the moment I stepped through the door I knew I found the right fit for me!!I wake up excited to go and am blown away by the results In 6 quick months

Success Stories

Real success stories, from real members.

Since I have been working out at and participating in various types of classes at Body Essentials, I have more strength and energy to do other things like yard work, bike riding, and walking. I really appreciate the design of the workouts and the focus on my individual need like improving my balance.
Andrea M


Training at Body Essentials helps me feel accomplished. I have been coming to Body Essentials for almost a year. I can’t imagine doing a wellness program without them.  I always feel supported. Even during the times when I lost some motivation I felt like they made it a priority to help me get back on track.  I get pushed further than I knew I could work and it helps me reach my goals! Now I tell myself “I can do anything for 1 minute” and keep going! They keep things challenging but fun.
Lisa N


When I began working out at Christie’s I felt I was fit. I didn’t realize how “fit” I could be. I have been challenged and realized I can do anything a 20 year old can do. And I have several years on them!!! Just ask me now how I feel about myself. I would highly recommend Christie and all the people at Body Essentials.
Susan D.


After decades of no physical activity whatsoever, I realized I needed help. I had difficulty getting out of a chair, had pains in my hips if I sat too long and my largest paints were now too tight. Not being one to ever go to a gym, I realized I needed to do something before it was too late. I liked the concept of one on one training that Body Essentials had to offer, so I figured why not give it a try. The hardest part was walking in that door the very first time because I was embarrassed at how out of shape I was. I immediately felt comfortable and knew that this is the placed I needed to be. Christie kept pushing me but never more than I could handle. As each month passed I was getting stronger and stronger and she kept pushing me further and further. Now I feel l can keep up with the “best of them!” I actually love going to my one on one sessions so much, I started going to the group classes too, where I have met some great people. Thanks Christie for everything!! You gave me the push I needed, you showed me a way to find joy in exercising and how to believe in myself!!
Laurie L



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