BE Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private training has grown into a very popular option at Body Essentials

not only because it’s more cost effective and offers flexible scheduling, but also because it leads to strong support systems, community building, and friendly competition & motivation amongst group members.

60 min

Semi-private sessions are 60 minutes in length.

2-4 members

Includes 2-4 members working together at the same time with one coach.

These sessions start as early as 6:1Sam and run throughout the day with the latest session starting at 6pm. We believe in practicing what we preach, so the studio closes no later than 7pm because a well­-balanced lifestyle includes daily restoration.

How Sessions Work

Semi-private training groups consist of new members who join together (a.k.a., best friends who want to work out together) or existing members who may not know each other but work out at similar times of day. It is a great way to build relationships and connections that provide support, fun, and inspiration that goes beyond the workout floor.

An important aspect of semi-private training is ensuring comparable fitness levels among group members, so individuals can progress at a pace that’s appropriate and safe for them. Semi-private training is a dynamic option that allows clients to move in and out of different groups should schedules or physical needs necessitate a change in training.

Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness Semi Private Training

Is a great option if:


You need a bit more flexibility in scheduling options.


You love the support of a small group but want the structure, accountability and individualized program design and modification of a personal training program.


You want to work out with a friend (or two) and save money doing so.

Our semi-
private training
rates also include

access to 12 weekly group classes designed to supplement individual workouts to increase strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, and movement capacity. Participants love the feeling of connection group exercise offers and the level of personalization our coaches provide. Our group training is a great way to round out any exercise regimen.