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Body Essentials (BE) personalizes the journey for each member we welcome to our community. We begin building a relationship through our consultation process that establishes the foundation of your journey. Understanding your prior experiences, current lifestyle, desired goals and level of commitment to achieving those goals is just the beginning of creating a successful and sustainable pathway the includes:


  • workouts designed for your success
  • nutritional education & modification
  • lifestyle alignment independent of exercise & nutrition
Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness Programs

Getting Started
with Movement

Once you decide to commit to improving yourself the next step in our process is a full assessment that includes measurements and movement. This gives us further information about your level of confidence and data we need to start building your workouts. The first few workouts usually entail guiding you through exercises to increase body awareness, reduce pain, and improve range of motion. From there we move on to building strength and endurance while continuing to keep “bad” pain at bay through effective warm-up and cool-down strategies. We will also encourage additional modalities outside of training sessions to further enhance your body’s ability to improve and grow in alignment with your goals. Yoga and massage are a few tools that can help optimize your mind and body when embarking on a new fitness and health routine. After the first 30-days we will reassess what is working well and what we may need to modify. This is part of our results-based approach to improving not only your health, but your overall well-being. The measurements are important, but the “non-scale” victories that you self-report as your experience progresses often outweigh the numbers.

Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness Programs
Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness Nutrition Coaching

Next Step: Nutrition

In order to prevent overwhelm when first beginning your journey we wait 2-3 weeks before evaluating your nutrition. This begins with a detailed nutrition log that provides baseline information to help us identify your nutritional achievements and areas that may need enhancement. Nutrition workshops on special topics, seasonal 28-day group nutrition programs and one-on-one nutrition coaching and education are all part of this opportunity to grow as much as you desire.

Lifestyle & Support

we move into the 2nd month and beyond you will be exposed to opportunities for coaching in our monthly coaching circles that allow you to engage in activities and conversations with others around a variety of topics to keep you inspired and empowered on your journey. In addition, we offer monthly challenges that allow members to connect with one another while working on their own goals and we offer a quarterly book group that culminates in a Saturday brunch and books discussion that builds community and connection and communication on a deeper level that does not always occur in the hustle and bustle of regular workouts and classes.


Throughout the year we also provide and participate in additional social and community events that prevent boredom and encourage further activity and engagement beyond the four walls of the BE studio.

Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness Lifestyle

Our Commitment to Your Journey

We are committed to staying on trend with the fitness and well-being industry to provide the best possible journey for each client through a wide variety of fun and effective programming. We meet you where you are now and evolve your experience from there — watching and cheering on each transformation that takes place!


Daily, weekly, and monthly BE members accomplish things they thought would never be possible. Whether it’s fitting a 5 am workout into a demanding schedule, getting on and sticking to a regular exercise or nutritional program that feels natural and easy, or simply falling in love with exercise.


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