BE Personal Training

One-on-one training is our
most individualized form of

in which a member works individually with a fitness coach. Workouts are designed to meet specific needs and/or accommodations to help clients achieve their desired fitness goals.

60 Minutes

Sessions run up to 60-minutes in length depending on member’s starting fitness capacity.

2-3 Sessions Per Week

Sessions are scheduled based on member and coaching availability. Members often work with multiple coaches which provides a well-rounded experience, as each coach hones in on separate needs of the individual. To create consistency and maximum success, we recommend that members work out at the same time each week.

Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness - Personal Training

A great option if you:

  • want or need a high-level of structure , support, & accountability to help you work on a specific goal in a designated timeframe.
  • have an orthopedic limitation or other health condition that makes one-on-one training the best option to effectively meet your fitness needs.
  • need scheduling accommodations that make group programming difficult to attend.
  • want to build confidence and consistency before joining group programming.
  • require a specially designed session length outside of the standard 60-minutes.
Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness - Personal Training

Inside a session

Similar to our semi-private training, personal training sessions include a warm-up and activation period followed by the workout and cool down. Workouts are specific to your fitness needs and goals and boast a great deal of variety in exercises from session to session. All of the group fitness classes are included in the personal training fees. Your coach will make class recommendations and suggest when to add them to your schedule if not right away.