Values & Mission

Live Healthy & Empowered

At Body Essentials (BE) we draw on core values every day to help members become the best version of themselves inside and outside of the studio.

BE Mindful, Loud, Fierce,
Active, & Inspired

Members are equal partners in the BE process because no matter how many hours you spend with us you’re accountable to yourself 24 hours a day.  To reinforce the mindset of long-term success and sustainability in all areas of daily life embracing what we teach is as important outside the studio as it is in your workouts.

Our pledge to you on your journey is that we are committed to providing innovative, relevant, results-oriented fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programming that will empower you for life.

For example, though semi-private group members are matched based on similar goals and abilities, coaches can further personalize individual fitness experiences within a 60-minute session to ensure each member reaches her potential.

Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness

Our Expectations

BE engaged in the process & community
BE empowered by your coach & your progress, knowing there will be times you take three steps forward and two steps back
BE fierce in the pursuit of your goals by giving 110% effort 100% of the time and leaning into your ability to be successful
BE inspiring to yourself and others by stepping outside of your comfort zone & being a positive role model in your studio community, personal & professional life

Contact us to start your BE journey. We will help you determine the best path to reach your desired goals.