BE Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is Power

Exercise without attention to the quality of your daily nutrition makes reaching your goals more challenging – you can’t out exercise a poor diet. This is why we include nutrition evaluation and education with all of our memberships and provide a variety of opportunities throughout the year to further your education and mind/body transformation.

The layers of nutrition coaching

that we offer are always evolving based on industry knowledge and the needs of our members. To maximize your physical transformation while maintaining energy for your daily life it is critically important to align your nutrition with your desired goals. We offer various opportunities to improve and enhance your nutrition early in your journey, as well as your lifestyle becomes healthier, including:

Initial 3-day food log evaluation:

The most accurate way to know exactly what and how much you are (or are not] eating is by writing it down ….. on paper …. with an actual writing utensil. We do this within the first 30-days of a member’s journey and have a number of  quick tips & educational pieces that can make a big difference.

Monthly One on One Nutrition Coaching:

Coaching is a strengths-based, action-oriented way to break old patterns. Our monthly nutrition coaching does just that with a specific focus on food education, food behaviors, and food structure. It makes nutrition a priority as opposed to an after-thought in our otherwise busy lives.

Special topics nutrition workshops:

We like to provide members with additional information around trending topics whenever possible. To that end, we often address specific topics with in-depth workshops that feature expert guest speakers.

Book Club reading:

We host a quarterly book club and dedicate one book a year to nutrition. In 2018 we read The Mindful Diet to help bring mindfulness to our daily food consumption while actively exploring our own behaviors that take us off track.

Seasonal Nutrition Resets:

We can always find a reason for our nutrition to veer off course – travel, holidays, celebrations, etc. Because bad habits have a way of sneaking back up on us, we offer highly structured, short-term programs in the spring, fall, and winter. These courses are designed to get you back on track with easy-to-follow strategies around food selection, proper portions, meal structure and timing.

Referral to local Registered Dietitian:

To avoid working beyond our qualified scope of practice, there are times we must refer members to a practitioner outside for further nutrition consultation. We have a preferred local practitioner who can support you in higher-level nutrition needs, while working in alignment towards your goals.