BE Group Fitness

Purposefully planned weekly group fitness classes

held consistently on fixed days and times year round. The group fitness fee includes unlimited access to these sessions that start as early at 5:15 am and as late as 5:45 pm Monday – Saturday. Members enrolled in our semi-private and personal training programs have unlimited access to these classes too.


Body Essentials is closed starting Saturday by 11am & on Sunday to allow all coaches and members to rest, reset, enjoy life and prepare for the upcoming week.

This is the most inclusive gym ever

Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness Programs - Group Fitness
Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness Group Fitness Programs

Our Group Fitness Workouts Include:

  • Spinning ™ that improves cardiovascular endurance in a non-impact group cycling class led by a certified instructor who provides a guided ride set to music
  • TRX ™ a body weight training class that uses suspension training straps for each exercises providing a full body impact building strength, flexibility and movement technique
  • Raised Barre ™ uses ballet and pilates techniques for a full body, strength class leading from your core and fine tuning every major muscle and joint leaving you longer, stronger, and energized for your heavier strength training classes through a pre-choreographed high energy music model
  • Yoga utilizes various styles in each class to blend stretching and strengthening poses to help you recover from workouts and keep your mind and body quiet and relaxed
  • Circuit Training mixes strength and high intensity cardio methods for an efficient workout with a long-term impact on your day
  • Total Body Blast varies in methodology each week and often capitalizes on seasonal and holiday trends for a fun and energetic strength and cardio mix on Saturday mornings

Is Group Fitness Right for You?

Group Training is great for those who:


  • Want or need flexibility in their workout schedule showing up when they want or can for their desired workout
  • Desire the support, accountability and education that the Body Essentials journey provides, creating an individual experience for each member
  • Embrace a good physical and intellectual stimulation that our monthly challenges, regular workshops and quarterly book clubs provide