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The Final Chapter

of the Body Essentials journey that we interconnect to exercise and nutrition is our daily lifestyle. Areas such as work and life balance, confidence, mindset, time management, stress and quality of sleep more often than not take us away from our regular exercise routine. To help keep our members on track, we continuously check-in on these areas and provide strategies to help them stay the course and positively improve life outside of exercise.

Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness - Lifestyle

Areas that are regular barriers to
success may include:

Level of work commitment:

9-5 jobs appear to be a thing of the past, so we coach members on how to adhere to a healthy ratio of work and life, emphasizing that exercise should use less than 5% of the day.

Workplace environment:

Having a healthy set up in your work area helps prevent repetitive motion injuries that cause pain and decrease motivation. In addition, creating a space that is clear of clutter and full of positive feeling photos, scents, and quotes can inspire and invigorate you through your day.

Sleep Patterns:

Sleep is a touch topic for many people. Having a dedicated space and proactive sleep routine can aid in getting restful, ample sleep each night.


This is everything! What you think, you become, so the more positive and confident you are about creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the more you will reinforce those thoughts and commitments. Everyone is going to have a bad day, or days, and having resources to work through those periods helps us to be resilient in our pursuit of wellbeing.

Stress Management:

Stress happens in small and big ways and positive and negative ways. It is critical to have a “tool box” of strategies that allow us to move through stressful situations without sacrificing our healthy behaviors.

We often know what we should do to take care of ourselves, but having it confirmed by someone else can be just what we need to take action.

Lifestyle education & coaching

Private Facebook group:

for daily motivation & inspiration and a forum for discussion & sharing.

Book Club:

Our book club selections always enhance some aspect of our lifestyle be it aging, organization, nutrition, or mindset, or pleasure reading.

Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness - Lifestyle
Body Essential Personal Training and Wellness - Lifestyle

Monthly coaching circles:

These opportunities for in-person, group connection take place one Saturday morning each month for 60-minutes and focus on a variety of topics.

Behavior Adherence Assessment:

to evaluate level of consciousness and action-orientated strategies to work through challenges.

Evaluate your WHY to assess your readiness for change thru our integrated program model to improve your entire life!